Virtual D'zines


Gratitude Cards
2 artworks

After reading an online article about some nurses during the pandemic, I decided to donate specially created 'Thank You' cards to essential healthcare workers in ICU units, four cards for one hospital, per 50 states, with a projected goal of 200 total cards. These are some of my favorites and will be offering custom cards in the near future!

Circle Series
18 artworks

Geometric, abstract art in circular or half circular form created using basic shapes, plates and such.

17 artworks

Geometric interpretations of natural landscapes and unnatural as well, including mythical temples and abstract dwellings.

18 artworks

Geometric and templated floral scenes ranging from the muted to the colorful.

Abstract Geo
21 artworks

Abstract art created mainly using S-curve tools, architecture templates, and basic household items.

Abstract Template
7 artworks

Abstract art created using a variety of basic shapes along with template images, brought together cohesively to create a larger scene.

Custom Creations
16 artworks

I offer 'Custom Interpretative Art' and these are some past pieces. These were all created using the persons' choice of colors and personal theme. They then received the original along with my PayPal asking to be paid what the art is worth to them. I'm available for custom creations!

Still Life
3 artworks

My geometric experiments with still life. All of the fruit is imagined and created abstractedly.

Personal Affects
6 artworks

Welcome to my inner sanctum, abstract heart created during emotional periods.

Kids Art
13 artworks

These abstract art pieces were created especially for kids in various hospitals statewide. I have a goal to donate three pieces to one random children's hospital per 50 states.

Mixed Media
3 artworks

These were created in various ways, either digitally or mixing marker on canvas with paint, or digital and sketch mix.

Painted Colors
2 artworks

My first creations using Oil paint.

4 artworks

Marker on canvas.

1 artwork

Abstract art created digitally using Adobe software.

Colored Pencils
6 artworks

I've been using Markers for over 30 years, these are my Very First pieces of art using Colored Pencils. I hope to improve with practice.

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