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Custom Abstract, Geometric Art
Don't just 'commission' an art piece, be a part of creating one!

I offer 'custom interpretative abstract designs' based on Your choice of colors and personal word or theme. I will abstractedly interpret the information you share with me, into a uniquely colored art piece using fine marker on paper, and whatever geometrics or templates I may need. You will then receive the original art, mounted, matted and sealed in plastic, along with my PayPal address asking to be paid what You feel the art is worth to You! The following are some past creatives and their story. Please contact me if interested in creating some art, a variety of sizes is available!
My friend from high school asked me to do a piece for her. She wanted a little girl, a swing and a tree with nothing else, in shades of green and fuchsia with a touch of yellows. I created this with the story of a little girl who had to be placed on the swing by her daddy, under the watchful eye of a lingering red bird.
Summer Swing
Off The Beaten Path
I met a friend of my friend one year who asked me for a piece for her office. Something to show her love for traveling on her own when she went on vacation. Avoiding the tourist traps and heavy traffic areas, she loved to venture into uncommon territory. This hilly piece shows her taking the Road less traveled to destinations unknown.

An acquaintance of mine wanted a piece including a Praying Mantis. He studies Martial Arts and is very in-tune with Karmic thoughts. I had to google what a Praying Mantis looked like along with researching the related Kung Fu. It's an emboldening piece of a Praying Mantis if position, the perfect balance of Yin and Yang encapsulated in positivity.


When I was on the social platform Google Plus, I had met a few people interested in my artwork. This was for a lady who's husband was also an artist but worked with metal. She wanted something designed for him in blues and greens. This is the finished result created with S curve tools and geometrics.

This hypnotic piece was for a cannabis farmer in Oregon. He wanted a mix of Fear and Loathing with the mystical. The trippy eye in the sky will always be watching him for he was my only customer to skip out. Karmic chaos colorfully created.
Kitt's Path

Another friend from Google Plus, someone who was a bit conflicted and had many interests. I tried to represent her lives in three stages, past, current and future, the details of the journey were to be hers alone. Also an earlier custom creation, so I'm 'feeling my way'.

I believe this was my second custom creation so it's not as 'filling' as my later works, meaning space and color wise. This was for a friend also on G Plus who was known as a 'super mom'. She wanted something to express herself while leaving most of the interpretation to me. She liked green tones. I created this to represent the multi tasks yet multi ability of her life, with a touch of freedom.

Free Byrd

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