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Colorfully Chaotic Creature

My first artistic creation was done using a Blue Bic pen upon my mother's white leather was also my most painful creation! Since then I've refined my skills using fine marker on paper or canvas. My box of tools consists of a variety of architecture templates, household items and stencils. My marker of choice is PrismaColor and I've started dabbling with Colored Pencils and Oil Paint. My goal is to spread Color & Positivity WorldWide and I'm working on this goal in a few ways. First I offer something called 'Interpretational Design' where I create an Abstract Art image based on the clients' choice of Colors and preferred Word or Theme. The collector receives the original art piece along with my PayPal address and a note asking to be paid Whatever They Feel the Art is worth to them personally! I've also started creating art for kids. Every month I design three-four small artistic pieces on canvas to be donated to a Children's Hospital (random), one per state. Hoping to eventually cover All 50 states! It's become a personal satisfaction that matches no other feeling :)

I'm available for Custom Creations and/or Collaborations!
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