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Spreading Color & Positivity Countryside

These Original Artworks were designed specifically to be donated to a random children's hospital in every US state.
Individual Pieces can be found in the Kids Art Collection
FishBowl Fantasy...Just Love...Cozy Cats
Catching up, these art pieces are going to Arkansas Children's Foundation. All marker on canvas, 6x6, 4x6, and 4x4.
First kids art of the year (2019) heading towards the Children's Hospital in Providence Alaska! Hoping to Warm up some chilly children's rooms! The two smaller ones measure 4 x 4 and the middle is 4 x 6.
Mini Cos...Butterfly Kiss...Shooting Star
Happy Face...Joy...Love Rainbow
After I did the Boston art and received a wonderful Thank You letter, I decided to do it again and again...and created a goal to send three to four unique artworks to a random children's hospital, one per state. These artworks went to the Children's Hospital in Birmingham Alabama. I added some different sizes to mix things up. Here we have a 6 x 6, 4 x 4 and 6 x 4 all marker on stretched canvas.
These are the first three abstract art designs that went to the Shriner's Hospital in Boston. All artworks are Marker on Canvas and measure 6 x 6.

Butterfly Fields...Be Happy...Live Love Laugh
Pincer...Kitty Cable...Sea Dreams
This months' kids art went to Phoenix Children's in Alabama. I was trying to be a bit more kid-friendly by adding little animals and such. These are all marker on paper, 6x8, 8x6 matted and sealed.

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